Bex sport is the company behind five well known brand names, Bex – woodengames, Sunsport – Garden games, Snowzone – Snowproducts, Gamesson – Table games and Cartdart – Dart.

For over 25 years Bex sport has designed, developed and marketed both out- and indoor games for all ages. Our brands have during the years grown stronger and are we are now represented worldwide.

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HaveGolf(GardenGolf) is the world's first garden game to play for real golf rules. GardenGolf was developed by a golfer who wanted to get the golfing charm and challenges back home for entertainment for family and friends. The idea is that you can also use your own golf club and a real golf ball and thereby make the game much more like traditional golf.

GardenGolf can easily be set up on the lawn in your backyard or other grassland areas.
When you set up the golf course, you use the garden's physical conditions, for example. a ball or flower bed as a pile or lake and can thus vary the degree of difficulty of the track.

GardenGolf can also be used for putting training, as a fun alternative.

With GardenGolf, family and friends can enjoy themselves and be together without compromising.