Kund Holscher Design have over the past 35 years worked on assignments varied from large scale architecture to tiny details in product design. This has given them a solid experience within a wide variety of competences, which have led to a number of commercially successful products, that are frequently awarded.

Their goal is to create products, that respectfully correspond with both the nearest surroundings, the end-consumer and our environment.



Gracious is a series of vases designed for the Danish glass manufacturer Holmegaard, founded in 1825. The vases in clear glass are blown by mouth and polished/ground.

The shape of the vase has its origin in a sculptural and playing universe, but it also associates with the soft shapes of the 1950s.

Georg Jensen

Vacum jug

The cylinder of the vacum jug features a highly polished stainless steel finish. The handle, upper section and lid are made from moulded plastic.

The material and functional attri- butes of the jug are perfectly matched for unified aesthetic appeal.

The sealing mechanism is based on a simple and original concept - a ball inside a self- sealing lid, opens and closes automatically when used.Some text...

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With its amorphous shape, the fruit dish meets the various shapes of fruits and nuts - Several units can be added together, which gives amble possibilities for an aesthetically placement of large or small amounts of nature's gifts.

Ocean is manufactured of pressed alumi- nium; It comes in 2 sizes and both of which operate as an independant fruit dish - compiled, a large fruit dish is created.

Other references


Søborg Møbler


d line



AFA JCDecaux

among others

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