Marcus Vagnby is born in 1981 as the third generation in a family of designers and graphic designers. He studied at The Danish Design School and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture and has always been surrounded by a creative environment.

He is constant curiosity for exploring form and function and has since his first product in 1999 - the world first silicone brush - taught himself to combine form and function with the unexpected.

Any challenge or complication inspires him and he believes in simple and legitimate solutions, which is reflected in his designs by form and function.

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Snowflower pendant lamp

Snowflower is a self-assembly lamp, and comes flat packed in a box. When assembled, Snowflower is 62cm wide and 44cm high

Enfolding the light and lightness of a crisp and blue skied winter day, is the subtle playfulness of the Snowflower hovering like a delicate, super-sized bud of snow – an elusive fairytale that you want to catch...

The Snowflower is drawn with the brushes of light and shade, creating a vibrant translucent pattern, like rays of sun, breezing through a leafy crown.

The final touch of gravity performs perfect curvatures on the slender design of Mencke & Vagnby.



The concept gives the user freedom to mix different parts of the line to meet various daily requirements. Change size, add a double wall or change the function. These are some of the key features in this colorful line. The aim is to give the products a long life due to their flexibility and the opportunity to “add on” new functions to existing parts.


Wine Finer

A 4-in-1 pouring stopper which decants the wine while filling the glasses

Multi Carafe

The carafe, which has an attractive, classic design, can be opened both at the bottom and the top. The opening in the bottom makes it possible to fill the carafe with ice cubes, frozen fruit and other cool and exciting ingredients, so making the full carafe a visual feast.

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