mignis is collection of table lighters, as a new interpretation of the old table lighter from the 50´ and 60´ but in a modern Danish design, that meets the needs of the consumer in the 21st century – to light candles, fireplaces or grills.

mignis combining shape and function, as a piece of elegant design, meant to be a part of your interior – always at your fingertips, ready to use.

The intention is to create a combination of decorative design and a functional element in the home, just like a vase or a candle holder.

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The mignis table lighters are all a decorative and functional design piece. The soft and elegant design which effortlessly fit into the modern home.

All table lighters have a nice grip and with its adjustable soft push-button it gives a pleasant user experience. The table lighter has an easy adjustable flame, is refillable and equipped with a ’jet-flame’ technique to ensure a strong and straight flame.

Each design is developed for a particularly purpose e.g. lighting candle light with direct access to the wick or lanterns and other sources with limited or narrow access to the wick.