Successfully launching new products in the marketplace is vital for the long-term survival of enterprises. As life cycles shorten in the technological and competitive environment, and customer needs are changing fast, there is a strong need to optimize the innovation process.

Experience shows, that the greatest differences between winners and losers were found in the quality of execution of pre-development activities.

FuzzyLab eligibility is the pre-development and commercial analysis, reflected in our concept screening- and processing models, it will provide you with valuable information and secure a relevant matching of product concepts.

Processing model

The FuzzyLab processing model is customized specific for the purpose of my business, in order to evaluate product concepts properly and ensure only relevant matching with the brands.


I cherry pick only the best concepts and commercialize them with the aim to match them with specific selected brands.

If a product concept meets the screening criteria, I am ready to execute and present new business opportunities for potential customers.