New sculptural cutlery by Knud Holscher

18. August 2015
The swedish cutlery brand Gense have in collaboration with Knud Holscher designed a new sculptural cutlery.
The architect Knud Holscher is known for its original and functional designs, which the new cutlery encapsulates in his unique style. The cutlery has an elegant whole, disseminated through the three-dimensional shaft and the asymmetric design.
"The specifics of the new cutlery should be beautiful in itself, and at the same time form a family," says Knud Holscher about his design.
The cutlery is in stainless steel.

Dopper launches new purple color

13. August 2015
A big fight happened at Dopper!
Dopper decided to ask thier fans for help about what will be the new color for the Dopper Original. The most chosen colors of 8 proceed to the semifinals.
The battle for the new Dopper color is done... and the Dopper fans have massively expressed their preference what new color should be added to the Dopper range, thanks! We are proud to introduce you to the Winner:

Dopper product launch at Northmodern

24. December 2014
Visit our stand E-054B and experience the Dopper water bottle and the see how you find Free (tap) water with the Dopper App.

The Dopper - water bottle at DesignTrade CPH

06. August 2014
Visit our stand E-015A and experience the Dopper water bottle and the see how you find Free (tap) water with the Dopper App.

LERCHE design: GIA adward winner 2013/2014

08. May 2014
LERCHE Design, one of our proud PUNKT. retailers in Denmark, is the winner of the Martin M. Pegler Award for Excellence in Visual Merchandising in 2013/2014.
For further information about the GIA see here and for further information about LERCHE design and their Global Innovation Award (Click Photo)

Photo: Martin M. Pegler together with Mie Lerche, founder and owner of LERCHE design

Elektronista: Punkt.'s ES01 is a "chargerheaven"

06. May 2014
Elektronista, a digital lifestyle magazine from Denmark, is thrilled about the Punkt.'s ES 01 extension socket and calls it the "chargerheaven" ("laderhimmelen" in danish). Read the whole article here (Danish)

The Viggo chair exclusively at missdesignsay

26. March 2014
See the new pictures of the Viggo chair at missdesignsays:

The Viggo chair in lifestyle magazine Bo Bedre

12. March 2014
The Danish top lifestyle magazine Bo Bedre . No. 3 2014. Used the Viggo Chair in their section about Green interior.

ShapingYourDay in Dezeen Magazine

06. March 2014
The new furniture line by ShapingYourDay, Viggo, and the creative minds behind are featured in the design magazine Dezeen. Read the whole article here

ShapingYourDay featured in Bungalow5

29. January 2014
Viggo the new furniture line by ShapingYourDay and its creators are featured in Bungalow5. Read the whole article here

DesignTrade Spring 2014

10. January 2014
ShapingYourDay introduced the new Viggo furniture range successfully during the fair.

ShapingYourDay introduced an elegant range of tables and chairs named Viggo, which provide high comfort at an affordable price. The furniture are all made in Denmark and designed by Mencke&Vagnby. The response from retailer and press has been very positive which we appreciated.

Snowstorm at Hotel Skt. Petri Copenhagen

23. December 2013
A Snowstorm of 32 Snowflower pendals from ShapingYourDay have made its entrance in First Hotel - Skt. Petri Copgenhagen foyer. This is a part of the Hotel Skt. Petri's Christmas decoration and the Snowstorm decoration is planned to last until end of Februar.

DesignTrade Copenhagen

30. August 2013
New products successfully introduced during the fair.

ShapingYourDay introduced a very elegant frameless wall clock called Time Silhouette as well a great designed canopy and other lamp accessories. Also ZENIQ introduced a high-end carrying pouch and battery all-in-one. This pouch transforms the Robio into a 100% wireless DAB+ radio.

Snowflower in Cannes

20. May 2013
ShapingYourDay proudly present the Snowflower pendant lamp during the film festival

Cannes film festival is not only for movies, also new designs are being promoted and shown to the trend setting industry. Copenhagen Corner is the meeting place for danish politicians, press, movie companies and celebrities. We have sponsored our lamps so they can enjoy the film festival in soft reflected danish light from the Snowflower family.

Our presence at Cannes has already led to press coverage in various printed media and danish national television.

Thanks to Copenhagen Corner for making this reality!

Succesful Defining Scandinavia

04. February 2013
FuzzyLab had a successful fair with enormous interest in our brands and products.
FuzzyLab was exhibiting the new consumer electronic brand ZENIQ with design by Jeppe Utzon. Press and leading retailers showed their great interest in ZENIQ and their new Robio DAB+ radio, due to the great design, unique sound and the competitive price point.

Punkt. launched their 3rd. product, an extension socket - under the art direction of Jasper Morrison.
A solution to the cable clutter that plagues modern lifestyles and makes a mess of interiors. All of your cables and plugs converge neatly in the Punkt. extension socket, tucked away under its sleek rounded lid.

Furthermore ShapingYourDay launched their black version of the successful pendant lamp Snowflower, as well as a floor stand version. FuzzyLab is also proud of the successful reception of the new Jake Dyson LED CSYS lamp, with its uniq heat-pipe technology, which extent the lifetime to 37+ years.


Zeniq launch unique DAB+ radio

31. January 2013
Jeppe Utzon has developed a new stylish radio for design enthusiasts.

At Defining Scandinavia in Copenhagen the new danish design brand Zeniq has launched their first product Robio!
Robio has a simple-to-use DAB+ technology, high quality 3” full range 15W speaker and is manufactured under the strictest quality control where the attention to detail is vital.

Being passionate about design, sound, function and quality, Zeniq want to create products for design conscious people at a competitive price.

Please visit us in Øksnehallen from 31.01.-03.02. booth 078.


FuzzyLab at new Copenhagen Design Fair

13. January 2013
Visit us at Defining Scandinavia from 31.01-03.02.2013 in Øksnehallen/Copenhagen.

FuzzyLab proudly present our special selected range of design products within the lighting, electronic and living accessories at Defining Scandinavia.

We will introduce two new design brands to the danish markets and Punkt.´s latest product the designed extended socket for home and office use, design with art direction by Jasper Morrison.

Defining Scandinavia presents design and living brands in an unique universe aimed at a specified target audience.
The fair seeks to be the preferred trading platform of all leading and upcoming brands in the field of Scandinavian design and living.

Please visit us in Øksnehallen from 31.01.-03.02. booth 078 - just across from the café.


Punkt. launches stylish extension socket

07. September 2012
ES 01: Cut out cable clutter

Punkt. ES 01: finally a solution to the cable clutter that plagues modern lifestyles and makes a mess of interiors. All of your cables and plugs converge neatly in the ES 01 extension socket, tucked away under its sleek rounded lid. Convert cable chaos into a clean design feature for the home or office.
No hiding power stations under furniture, no crouching down to untangle dusty cables, and no power damage to your devices; just an attractive, sturdy design piece that blends in well with all interiors and simplifies cable management.
Get organized and power your gadgets and devices with the ES 01!

Succesfull Formland Autumn 2012

12. August 2012
Successful show at Formland Autumn Fair 2012.

FuzzyLab brandhouse gave Inspiration, showed new products and trends at our booth and customers and visitors all appreciated this new showcase FuzzyLab offers.

FuzzyLab presented the new pedant lamp Snowflower from ShapingYourDay, designed by Mencke&Vagnby. Furthermore the new wall clock collection by Oliver Hemming as well as a new anodized alarm clock by Punkt. - design Jasper Morrison.

Formland Autumn 2012

15. June 2012
FuzzyLab brandhouse will exhibit at the Formland Autumn Fair in August again.

We will present at the New Note in Hall F launching the new danish design brand ShapingYourDay. Their first creation Snowflower is a self-assembly flat packed pendent lamp designed by Mencke&Vagnby.

Furthermore we will continue showing new products from our two existing brands Punkt. and Oliver Hemming.

As regard Oliver Hemming we will show new alarm clock along with a new collection of wall clocks.

For special invited persons we will be able to show Punkt.´s latest product in private, as the official international launch will be at September at M&O in Paris. Please contact us for booking VIP presentation during the fair.

Please visit us in Hal F, Booth 5043.


New Product - New Design Brand

01. June 2012
ShapingYourDay is today launching their first creation - a self-assembly pendant lamp SnowFlower .

ShapingYourDay has appointed FuzzyLab Brandhouse to be the official distributor in Scandinavia. ShapingYourDay is a brand new Danish brand, created by Mencke & Vagnby, and the first creation is the pendant Snowflower.

Snowflower is a self-assembly lamp, and comes flat packed in a box. The box, measuring a mere 29x19x6cm, minimizes CO2 emission during transportation. When assembled, Snowflower is 62cm wide and 44cm high. Assembly takes approximately 30 minutes.

Sustainability and lasting design that moves you are the key features of “shaping your day”. With a focus on simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian design traditions, the founders and designers Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby have always had an international approach, making their impact around the globe.


Succesful Formland for Punkt.

18. January 2012
FuzzyLab Brandhouse had a succesful participation at Formland, despite there was about 15% less visitors.

FuzzyLab Brandhouse was successfully exhibiting the new design brand Punkt. at Formland. Press and leading retailers showed their interest in the Punkt. busniess concept and Jasper Morrison´s first two productdesigns - A DECT Phone and an Alarm Clock. Soon you will find Punkt products at leading retailers in furniture and interior design stores around Denmark.

Also the new alarm clock brand Oliver Hemming was received very positively by the retailers visiting Formland. New retailers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway are now on board and further will join soon.

As a test FuzzyLab Brandhouse also were showcasing the new italian slipper brand le-dd to find out, if there was an interest in this product concept. The result was very positive and especially the design, the properties of the patented woven fabrics and the packaging concepts had highly attention.


Punkt. at Formland Spring Fair 2012

08. December 2011
FuzzyLab proudly present Punkt. at the upcoming Formland Spring Fair in the New Note section.

FuzzyLab will use New Note to launch the new swiss design brand Punkt. in the danish market. New Note is the perfect spot for trendsetting companies like Punkt. to present innovative design from the world of interior products, lighting, furniture and living accessories.

Please visit us in Hal F, Booth 5043.


Punkt. - now launched in Denmark

22. November 2011
Punkt. aspires to re-interpret consumer electronics by having the award winning designer Jasper Morrison on board as designer and art director.

Design defines what Punkt. stands for: articulating the functionality and simplicity of our products through the expression of form and materials. Jasper brings that vision to life, from concept to reality.

Towards the end of 2008, in the middle of a challenging and uncertain economic climate, a cosmopolitan group of people from different professional backgrounds, but with a common passion for electronics and design, hatched Punkt. A nascent brand, in a crowded marketplace dominated by giants, which aspired to reinterpret consumer electronics.

Today Punkt., based in Switzerland, is a melting pot of international professionals that together bring their ideas and inspiration to life by creating outstanding and timeless products which breathe fresh air into the consumer electronics market.

Punkt. works with leading industrial designers and manufacturers worldwide to create that ‘magic mix’ of expertise and unconventional thinking necessary to transform its vision into reality.

A carefully selected and international staff is the driving force behind Punkt. A group of experienced professionals have teamed-up to integrate their know-how and expertise into the company to ensure high quality standards, and to fulfill the needs of high-profile business partners.

For further information please visit


Two new brands on board

09. June 2011
I proudly welcome two new brands to my distribution division.

After been asked by different brand companies to set up a distribution in Denmark, I finally decided to establish one.

As usual, I was very selective in which brands to start up with, but after some consideration the decision was taken. I therefore welcome Oliver Hemming, who just recently launched his new alarm clock collection "Desire". Secondly I also welcome the original candle lighter "butler slim" from Rowenta. This product was launched for more than 20 years ago and today the embodiment of a timeless premium product, still recognized by many people.


Chicago Houseware Show 2011

11. March 2011
Another trade show is successfully finished.

After 3 busy days, I conclude it was a successful Chicago Housewares show for FuzzyLab.
Meetings was pre-booked prior to the show and other appointments were booked during the show.
Many interesting product concepts were presented and specific briefings shared with me, so bottom line it was a big success again.

If you want to hear more about the Chicago Housewares Show , please do not hesitate in contacting me.


Ambiente 2011

13. February 2011
Ambiente 2011 was a huge success for FuzzyLab and has confirmed its rights in the market.

After a very successful Ambiente 2011 in Frankfurt, where I was attending the show from friday to sunday - running from one meeting to another - I am very satisfied with the outcome of my meetings.

I am also happy about the positive feedback I became from the companies I visited during the show. They confirmed their commitment in the FuzzyLab business idea and had also a great outcome of our meetings.


New Website up!

17. December 2010
We are happy to announce that our new website is in the air.

Our website is designed by our design partner Goodmorning Technology and the logo is created by Jakob Herold from D-Vision.

We hope you find our website interesting and it will inspire you to hear more about our services.

Look forward to hear from you!

New designer on board

12. December 2010
We proudly welcome Tools Design as our new design partner at FuzzyLab.

Tools design is an award winning design studio located in Copenhagen and have designed and invented many successful product for more than 20 years.

Learn more about Tools Click Here